American Outcomes Management (AOM)

American Outcomes Management (AOM) is a nation-wide healthcare provider, committed to offering high quality, personalized home infusion services since 1994. AOM has expertise in the treatment and administration of Intravenous Immune Globulin (IVIG) throughout the United States. Our goal is to work with patients, families, physicians and case managers to coordinate and deliver the most cost-effective inhome care with specialized IVIG fertility infusion nurses.

Cryos International

Cryos International, the world’s largest sperm bank and first independent egg bank in the US is the leader in third party reproduction and personalized insemination services. Delivering to 100+ countries, Cryos aims to ensure a wide selection of donor sperm and donor eggs from all races, ethnicities and phenotypes.

EMD Serono, Inc.

A LEADER IN SCIENTIFIC INNOVATION, EMD Serono- the North America biopharmaceutical business of the science and technology leader, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany- offers therapies and patient support services for specialty conditions, like infertility, multiple sclerosis (MS), HIV-associated wasting and growth disorders.

EMD Serono, Inc.
One Technology Place, Rockland MA 02370

Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Ferring Pharmaceuticals is a research-driven biopharmaceutical company devoted to identifying, developing and marketing innovative products in the fields of reproductive medicine, maternal health, urology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, orthopaedics and oncology.
For more information, visit www.FerringUSA.com.

Fertility Nutraceuticals, LLC

Fertility Nutraceuticals, LLC is a specialty provider of high-quality nutritional supplements exclusively for female and male fertility. Fertility Nutraceuticals helps men and women build families through a range of unique fertility supplements, unmatched in quality, purity and consistency. Fertility Nutraceuticals develops innovative fertility supplements through incorporation of scientific knowledge and collaboration with leading fertility experts. Many of its fertility supplements are endorsed by reproductive endocrinologists and used at IVF centers worldwide.

Fertility Nutraceuticals, LLC
21 E 69th Street
New York, NY 10021 USA
Tel: 212-628-0851
Web: www.FertilitySupplementStore.com

Metro Drugs

Metro Drugs is a full service pharmacy focused on fertility for over 30 years. Metro is family owned and one of the largest fertility pharmacies in the country. We are open 7 days a week and ship nationwide. We have the lowest prices available on fertility medication with world class patient service. Staff have over
100 years of combined fertility experience. We also custom compound any medication needed.

Metro Drugs
931 Lexington Avenue
N.Y. N.Y. 10065
Phone: 212-794-7200
Fax: 212-794-7230
Web: www.metrodrugs.com


Natera is a global leader in cell-free DNA testing. The mission of the company is to change the management of disease worldwide by harnessing the power of DNA from a single blood sample to improve the management of reproductive health, oncology, and organ transplantation.

The World Egg Bank

The World Egg Bank is the only egg bank worldwide built solely for egg donation. Our unique centralized business model ensures we conduct all egg vitrification with optimized protocols and the same experienced laboratory systems and staff. Our only operational focus is providing quality donor eggs from our custom built, state of the art facility, designed solely for egg freezing. We manage all recruiting, screening, stimulation, retrievals, vitrification, and shipping from our egg banking facility. Most of our donors are open identity with thousands of ova vitrified and ready to ship, and hundreds more young women waiting to donate.

The World Egg Bank
7227 N 16th ST Ste 160
Phoenix, AZ 85020, USA
Tel: 602-678-1906
Fax: 602-678-0328
Email: info@theworldeggbank.com
Web: www.TheWorldEggBank.com

VIVO for Female Sexual Health

VIVO is the first, and currently the only, nutritional supplement proven in a clinical study to help younger women who have not reached menopause rediscover the joy of sexual intimacy and reconnect with their partners. VIVO has been shown to enhance all aspects of female sexual health, including desire, arousal, orgasm and satisfaction. For more information, visit https://vivoforintimacy.com/.